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Sep 13 ’18
Sep 16 ’18
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Apr 21 ’18 – Jun 4 ’18 regular
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19 years old
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99 years old
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Oct 6 ’17
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Regular $50.00

As the regular season is coming to a close over the next few weeks, we start to turn our attention to post-season activities, namely Gay Bowl!  SDAFFL has a long history of success at Gay Bowl and we are excited to put together a group of players that can defend our five year streak of bringing home the championship trophy!!

Before we proceed into the selection process for the teams this year, we would first like to gauge the number of you who can commit to playing (at this time). Below is a list of expectations we have for anyone representing our league at the national level.  Please review the list and if you can answer “yes” to all the expectations (pay particular attention to items 1 and 5) then follow the instructions for registering for Gay Bowl on our league site.  

**Due to new registration formats set by Nationals (NGFFL), and prior Gay Bowl Team Selection experiences here in San Diego, there is a $50 DEPOSIT to participate.  In order to participate in Gay Bowl, each player must place a deposit to be selected to a team, prior to the Player Clinic on June 2nd.  You will receive your deposit back, in FULL, upon your arrival at Gay Bowl.  However, if you do not make a team, or any valid reason determined acceptable by the Board, you will receive your deposit back within a week after teams are announced.**

Gay Bowl Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate in Gay Bowl:

     1.  You must be a player in the current 2018 season.
     2.  You have attended at least 50% of the games this year.  

Gay Bowl Expectations

We ask that any of you who are serious about attending the Gay Bowl, be willing to commit to a few expectations.  We expect that you:

  1. Are able to attend Gay Bowl in Denver, CO, September 13th – 16th (games are played Friday through Sunday).  If you CANNOT make those dates you will not be eligible to play.
  2. Possess a skill set that would allow you to contribute to a team and effectively compete at the national level.
  3. Represent the SDAFFL through good sportsmanship and team camaraderie.
  4. Be available for at least 1 practice per week starting at the beginning of July and continuing through to September 8th. (Except for Holiday weekends).
  5. Be able to afford your own travel to and lodging in Denver, CO, September 13th – 16th.  Additional information will be given regarding host hotels and travel arrangements as we draw closer to the event.  The league covers the cost of your jersey and your registration fees.  *Note:  Flights will run between $250 and $300; host hotel rate is $179/night (up to 4 people). 


By signing up here, you are NOT GUARANTEED A SPOT ON THE TEAM.  This is to gather information from the current league players so that the Board is able to make decisions regarding player and coaching selection.

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